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As usual, Maimonides will not be open as a regular school day on Purim day, next Friday. We will still be having some of our traditional Purim practices, albeit with adjustments.

This year we are asking everyone who intends to come for Megillah reading to please register using the following link: https://forms.ShomrayTorahMegillahRegistration.

Appropriate face-coverings and social distancing will be required at all Megillah readings.

Purim Night Megillah Readings at Maimonides

6:15 PM – 1st reading Maimonides

7:00 PM – 2nd reading at Maimonides

Friday, February 26, 2021
14 Adar, Purim


There will be a Friday morning Shacharis starting at 8:10 AM at Maimonides including a Torah reading and Megillah reading. For women who specifically want to hear the Purim morning Krias HaTorah and Megillah reading, we recommend you attend the Torah reading at Maimonides.

8:10 AM – Shacharis

8:30 AM – Torah Reading

8:40 AM – Megillah Reading

Traditional Maimonides Family Megillah Readings

10:00 AM – 1st “family reading” at Maimonides

11:00 AM – 2nd “family reading” at Maimonides

Mishloach Manos and Matanos l’Evyonim

It is preferable for a person to be more liberal with his donations to the poor than to be lavish in his preparation of the Purim feast or in sending portions to his friends. For there is no greater and more splendid happiness than to gladden the hearts of the poor, the orphans, the widows, and the converts.

One who brings happiness to the hearts of these unfortunate individuals resembles the Divine Presence, which Isaiah 57:15 describes as having the tendency “to revive the spirit of the lowly and to revive those with broken hearts.”

  • Rambam, Mishneh Torah
    Megillah v’Chanukah – 2:17

For many, the highlight of Purim is going around to every other person at the Megillah reading and personally delivering Mishloach Manos. This normally involves a lot of close contact, the opposite of social distancing.

This would not be proper to do in our circumstances. So we have thought of an alternative, safer method that families can share Mishloach Manos with their friends, while maintaining appropriate social distancing.

We ask our families to decorate a large box (perhaps matching the theme of their costumes) and write their family name in large letters. These boxes should be brought to Maimonides on Purim and placed downstairs. Megillah readings will be held upstairs.

Instead of crowding around each other, families can easily and orderly deliver Mishloach Manos to all their friends by simply dropping into each family’s box.