Discover Maimonides Hebrew Day School (MHDS), a cornerstone of quality education in Albany, NY’s Capital Region since 1980. As a proud beneficiary of the United Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York, MHDS has forged partnerships with various local organizations and institutions over the years. Inspired by the illustrious scholar Moses Maimonides (the Rambam), our motto, “A Beautiful Blend – Torah and Worldly Experience,” reflects our commitment to blending traditional Jewish teachings with contemporary knowledge. Experience the nurturing warmth and individualized attention that define our approach to delivering excellence in both Jewish and General Education. Join us on a journey of discovery and growth at MHDS.


Jewish Education & Pride

At our school, fostering Jewish pride and identity is paramount. We prioritize instilling a deep sense of pride in Judaism among our students, alongside nurturing their Jewish identity. Through a comprehensive approach to education, we ensure that our students not only excel in both religious and secular studies but also embrace and celebrate their Jewish heritage with confidence. From religious observance to active participation in Jewish communal life, from a strong connection to Israel and global Jewry to ongoing spiritual and ethical development, we empower our students to embody their Jewish identity fully. Our curriculum extends beyond the classroom, engaging students in meaningful ways within their homes, families, and broader community settings.

Excellent Academic Standards

We uphold high academic standards in both Judaic and General Studies, prioritizing excellence throughout our curriculum. Our approach fosters a genuine love for learning while accommodating the unique needs of each student within an environment rooted in Jewish values. With a focus on preparing students for the challenges of the 21st century, we ensure they receive a rigorous education that equips them for success.

Community & Character

Students take the lessons learned within our school and seamlessly integrate them into the broader community fabric. Whether it’s applying religious teachings in their daily lives, actively participating in communal activities, or fostering connections with global Jewish communities, our students extend the reach of their education far beyond the classroom walls. By linking what they learn to real-world situations, they enrich the greater community with shared values and meaningful contributions, creating a powerful bond between their education and the world around them.


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