BEQUEST- Safeguarding the FUTURE

Leaving your bequest to Maimonides safeguards Jewish continuity. Your charitable bequest ensures that your support of Maimonides continues in eternity.

How a Bequest Works

Designate a portion of your estate to Maimonides for a Jewish Legacy.

Leave either a percentage or a specific amount to Maimonides .

A bequest does not cost you anything during your lifetime. After your passing, the trustee will transfer the money or real estate to our institution.

Bequests are revocable and can be changed or modified during your lifetime.

Bequests can relieve your family’s tax burden.

Please inform Maimonides of your intent to leave a Bequest, to properly recognize you as a Legacy member.

Allow us to work with you, your family, or your financial advisor, to develop the most personalized strategy for your goals. For more information contact us.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust is a highly recommended estate planning tool that allows you to donate your assets while providing an income stream to you and your family. A Charitable remainder trust has significant tax advantages for your children and beneficiaries during your lifetime.

A charitable gift of life insurance is a pioneering way to deliver a legacy gift


You may wish to designate Maimonides as a beneficiary of your retirement plan. IRA’s, 401k’s, and others are subject to both estate and income taxes. Consider designating Maimonides as a beneficiary. This outstanding gesture gives the Jewish Community a substantial donation at a minimum cost to your family.

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